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08-17-2007, 01:47 PM
This here thing I put together to make my life a bit easier.
You may, or may not, find it useful.
I thought, whut da heck, put it up, who knows, may ease somebodys frustrations.

I was fed up of mucking about with my configs for each build of the LW cycle / LW installs.
The whole idea is now you have a 'clean' CFG file which you can drop in ready for any build without the need to
reparse anywhere but your LW plugins area.

The full 'How to' text is in the RAR file, did this on PC, Win32, so dat's the platform it will run on. May run in W64, dunno.

Why do it? Because come time to reparse plugins, I got fed up doing it and editing a CFG of 400K+ manually is not my idea of fun! ;) :p

It's made my life easier, your milage may vary. :thumbsup:

Just thought to add... I do this so all my 3rd party plugin are kept in the EXT file but the LW 'native' ones are removed, so simply selecting one path in 'add plugins' in LW means I keep all my other plugins without having to manually add them. That's the basics anyway, I don't think it needs expanding on, but do ask if you are confused.

08-21-2007, 03:16 AM
Hmm 120+ views, 19 apparent downloads and not one comment?

I guess the answer is not useful to anyone but me then! :p

08-21-2007, 03:22 AM
It's very... rar-ey. I like that.:D
So take me through how it works (I'm suffering from a lack of caffeine, i.e. think juice).

08-21-2007, 03:44 AM
Ok, bear with me, will put something better together to explain fully why and how I use it and hopefully it may clarify things. Got to crack on with debugging for now :( (the 'fun' of real world coding :p)

08-21-2007, 06:41 AM
Appears as though this would be very useful if I could understand what I am doing wrong. Could you post a layout of your installation configuration?

08-21-2007, 07:21 AM
Sure thing.
My LW is on g:\Lightwave9x


etc..reside off there

My configs are on g:\Lightwave9x\configs (it's in here the LWEXT9.CFG resides).

That's really all the program is interested in, however, to explain it further, I keep all my 3rd party plugins separate.

I have plugins harking back to prior versions, these are all in a directory
...with sub-dirs coming off this for relevant versions or packages, such as
K:\3rdPartyPlugs\NINE ...etc..etc..

Now my 'ext' config is huge, around 400+KB as there are so many plugins and I wanted a way to be able to pare this down without manually either trawling through the plugin list in LW and deleting individual items. Or to avoid editing the CFG file by hand in a text editor.

So I came up with the idea of removing items en masse from the CFG file based on the path in their module details. Thus, instead of deleting all configs then having to remember what I wanted and didn't want, I can now just remove the 'native' plugin directory, in the above case
'g:\Lightwave9x\plugins' and any plugins found in subdirectories of that path.

This means, on an fresh install, I can put the pared file down, select 'g:\Lightwave9x\plugins' to scan and my config is up to date. I know doing this that I retain all the 3rd party plugin data in my config file.

Now, if you wanted, you could re-run the program on the edited file and remove another set of plugins from another selected path, you just have to remember to name or copy them to retain your originals.

So if I do a full walkthrough using the above paths as an example.
I fire up the program, using the 'get file' button I point to the file 'Lwext9.cfg' in my
g:\Lightwave9x\configs subdirectory.

The EXT file is then parsed and you can browse this in the first listbox.
The second list box contains all *unique* paths found in the cfg file, it's from this that you double-click to select the path you want to remove pluing references for.

So I would click on a path listed thus:
...then edit it to remove the '\\effect' .ending up with: G:\\LightWave9x\\Plugins

Leaving the 'include subdirectories' box checked, I then click 'strip it'
This parses the file and removes any plugin whose path includes the above in it's module info.
The results of this are shown in the lower list box. Choosing 'write it' writes the contents of this box to a new file 'LWEXT9_EDITED.CFG' in the same path as your original cfg file.

I would then rename lwext9.cfg to Lwext9_org.cfg and COPY lwext9_edited.cfg to lwext9.cfg, (keeping the original edited cfg for use next time if I intend to keep the same plugin structure)

Loading Lw now with this means at most, assuming LW doesn't autoamtically scan your native Lw plugin area, all you need to do is read that one area, but you should still have all other 3rd party plugin areas intact.

Now, the caveat here is, if you have ALL your plugins in the one area, as say..


..then using the path G:\LightWavev9x\Plugins is gonig to wipe everything out.
In which case, you'd have to run the program multiple times.
I always make a point of ensureing my 3rd party plugins are nowhere near my main LW install though in case I do accidentally hit delete to clear out an old version, only to find I have lost all my stuff.

(No clues needed as to why I now do this! ;) ).

Now I have to say, typing all this and the time to read it takes a heck of a lot longer than the actual process. :D

I think I've covered everything, if not, feel free to ask away.