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08-15-2007, 06:43 PM
I have epicsoft Mule Renderer. Unfortunately it doesnt work with 9.2 (yet). So, I have to use 9.0 for now. I noticed that I have only one set of LW9 config files. How can I have one set for 9.0 and another for 9.2?

When Mule runs, it is trying to access the 9.2 plug-ins in the 9.2 directory. Thus I am assuming that when I upgraded to 9.2, the 9.0 files were overriden.


08-15-2007, 08:27 PM
Create a directory to store the config files in and change the target of your shortcut icon to point to the new directory.
The tartget will need to use the -c switch to let lightwave know you want it to use the new directory for the config files.

If lightwave 9.2 is located at c:\username\program files\newtek\lightwave\programs
and you wish to have the config directory be at programs/config
your target should look like the following:
"c:\username\program files\newtek\lightwave\programs\layout.exe" -c"c:\username\program files\newtek\lightwave\programs\config"
Quotes are only needed if your directorys and or filename contains any spaces.
The above is only an example but should point you in the right direction
More information can be found in the modeler portion of the manual on page 20.