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08-10-2007, 07:24 PM
Well, I don't feel right posting a "for sale" thing here (plus I may be preaching to the choir), but there's no Classified section for SpeedEDIT on this board. So to that end:

Here's your chance to get a complete licensed copy of SpeedEDIT (including NewTek's tutorial disc) for a nice price. I'll also throw in at no extra charge, the "Complete Training for SpeedEDIT" DVD that I bought for $70.

The reason I'm selling is simple -- it's my first NLE purchase, I never got the chance to learn the software, and now I've upgraded my camera to one that comes with a different NLE for free. Since I don't know how to use any NLE packages, and I have no allegiance to any of them yet, it would be silly for me not to use the free one and recoup what I can on the one I bought.

The license for SpeedEDIT is completely transferable to you -- I checked this out with NewTek (I have the confirmation email), but it's also right in their FAQ -- all it takes is a letter from me, with both of our information. I'll include that in the package of course. Once the license is transferred, then it's fully yours & you can download the brand-new v1.2 update (as well as future updates) from NewTek's website.

I paid $500, which appears to be the going rate, plus $70 for the 3rd-party training DVD. Everything's in perfect physicial condition, except I didn't keep the useless box.

I'd like to sell SpeedEDIT for $425 (the training DVD is yours as free bonus). I'll include shipping in the continental US.

PayPal preferred, but can do money order or cashier's check if you'd like.

08-10-2007, 09:15 PM

I am curious. What NLE did you get for free with the purchase of a new camera? As for SE, of course do what you think is best, however I would suggest keeping SE and learn it after all. SE is a really easy program to learn. In addition, learning multiple edit programs (SE and your freebie) may come in handy some day. For each NLE system has their pros and cons.

08-10-2007, 09:23 PM
I'll be getting Edius Broadcast with my new JVC GY-HD200 camera. I definitely thought about just keeping SE -- I realize that even though it seems like more work to learn two packages, every package has its own strengths and weaknesses. Really, I'm just trying to make every dollar count here...of course, if I don't get a buyer for whatever reason, then I'll definitely use your logic as a good rationalization for having both! :thumbsup:

08-24-2007, 03:52 PM
Edius Broadcast for free?

Thanks for the info. I was thinking about upgrading but I also need to invest in a HD Camera. I guess I can kill two birds with one stone.

Could you let us now which program (SE or Edius) you like better and why? I have been using Edius for over 3 years because of the true RT with OHCI. From what I have read SE is true RT with OHCI (no rendering back to DV-25 or DV -50).

I wish there was a demo of SE. I do not have $500.00 to pay up front to test drive SE for 30 days.