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08-08-2007, 02:48 AM
Although SpeedEDIT sadly doesn't feature an AVI wrapper or VTP loader to bring projects to other programs without rendering first, I'm happy to report the reverse exists and works fine.

For instance, I personally tested frameserving Vegas 7 projects into SpeedEDIT 1.2 today as virtual AVIs and it worked perfect.

Just use Satish's FrameServer plug-in and set it for YUV and "write PCM audio to signpost file" and SpeedEDIT will be able to use the project directly, both audio and video.

Now, of course, a frameserved AVI won't always be real-time, that's to be expected. BUT, for any parts of it that are just your raw DV clips, since Vegas 7 is smart enough to know it doesn't need to re-encode the untouched DV, any parts of your project with no effects or transitions on them will be real-time in SpeedEDIT, and won't have lost any quality in a needless recompression cycle.

And note that you do need to color correct from computer RGB levels to studio RGB levels, which you can either do in Vegas or in SpeedEDIT, depending on your prefered workflow.

And since this works with Vegas 7, I have every reason to believe it would work with any NLEs that the FrameServer plug-in works with, such as Premiere Pro.

So hey, we may not be able to get SpeedEDIT projects out to other applications, but we can do the reverse at least.

Tom Harman
08-11-2007, 05:00 PM

Moving a Vegas project to SpeedEdit offers what advantages?

Rendering speed to an .avi? Effects that are available in SpeedEdit?

How do you make the RGB conversion? I haven't seen that option in either program?

Thanks as usual for reporting innovative work arounds.


08-11-2007, 05:08 PM
Honestly, I don't see an advantage to doing it.

But if someone wants to, one can.

Rendering speed to an AVI? Ah, no. Effects that are available in SpeedEDIT? Ah, no. But hey, others may see a reason to do it.

The Computer to Studio RGB conversion or the Studio to Computer RGB conversion are presets in the Vegas color correction effects, easy to use there.

Perhaps I was being subtle in pointing out things that are missing in SpeedEDIT 1.2... :hey: