View Full Version : Sharper iVGA quality if TC scaler bypassed?

08-07-2007, 09:03 AM
Not sure if I'm just seeing what I want to see, so I thought I'd see if there was some technical justification for this workflow...

From time to time, I have projects that require enough lower thirds so that I write my own (database-driven) VB application to display them (sort of a Data Overlayer for the TC, sorry YoungMonkey!!), and pull this in via iVGA. Generally, with smaller fonts, the display gets a teensy bit blurry at full NTSC resolution, and much blurrier in a Windows Media stream (400x300, usually around 400-500Kbps).

I know the TC has a "very good for what it costs" scaler that it uses to resize the incoming computer display over iVGA. But, I thought, is there a way I could bypass it altogether? So I used the supremely-awesome PowerStrip (http://www.entechtaiwan.net/ps.htm) to reset my laptop display to 720x486, then sourced my lower thirds from this laptop. To me, there was a noticeable difference. I don't have good before-and-after comparisons, but here's an example of the after:

Snippet of New England college baseball all-star game from Fenway (http://www.d3cast.com/ivga.asx)

Would I be correct in presuming that the TC scaler would not be invoked (or, at least, wouldn't have that much to do! :)) if the source computer display for iVGA was set to exactly 720x486 (for NTSC)?

If so, is that a workflow that helps anyone with "muddy" iVGA input? Just wonderin'.


08-09-2007, 06:02 PM
Nobody, huh? Oh well.

08-11-2007, 07:55 PM
Your process of bypassing the scaler makes sense to me. I haven't tried it yet but, now you have me thinking about it.

Jack Z.