View Full Version : Bizzare Scene Editor / Dope Sheet

08-06-2007, 05:46 PM
OK, I wrote about this in other threads, but it got so long and daft, here is a new thread with some sort of solution -

I found that opening scenes created in 9.2 would crash on opening the dope sheet, but after reading of similar problems elsewhere I tried opening a file from LW 9.0 modeler, and the dope sheet worked fine - tho I had to load in the newer 9.2 shades, I was pleased to see everything worked.

I then tried saving a 9.2 object into the 9.0 content~object folder, and then loaded my bad scene into LW, then went File~Replace object and loaded the 9.2 file from the 9.0 content folder, the dope sheet works, and I didnt have to re-load the newer shades -

This of course suggests something is going daft when loaded through that file path, this is so daft, cos I do not understand why its doing it and how to change the preffs or whatever - it seems so simple, but at least now I can use the dope sheet,

I dont know if this helps others or not, but the post is here if anyone else is having similar problems to investigate>