View Full Version : Procedural cityscape texturing? Nodes? help?

08-06-2007, 12:00 PM
Hello. I'm needing to whip up a set of storyboards for a pitch that I'm working on, and I (of course don't have much time). I'm generating an entire 3d city to navigate through, and I thought it'd be awesome to somehow texture the buildings entirely (or at least mostly) procedurally in order to get way more random detail and chaos than I'd be able to paint. I'd like to model a bunch of simple geometric structures with attractive profiles, but then "fill them in" with textural detail.

All of this would occur at night, so I know I can get away with more than I would during the day.

I've got reference of a building that I think shows nice geometry and design. I like how there are different window types and illuminations in the same structure.


I've mocked up simple temporary buildings with simple projections and textures that make them look pretty good, but for the final spot they would need to hold up better closer in, and they would need more variety.


So my question is, would anybody be interested in helping me figure out a way to texture these things completely with procedurals/nodes + perhaps object IDs? I had some luck playing around with D.P's "Shape Bomber" procedural, but melted down when the math came in.

Right now it's just a pitch, so there isn't any money yet, but I'd be happy to compensate someone if it does go. You don't have to share your node tree with me if you don't want until I know I could compensate you. If this project goes, it would have a bit of cachet for a demo reel.

I thought it'd make at least an interesting challenge.

Feel free to email me if you are interested, or just post here if you like. Hopefully this doesn't reek of a "I need free work" thread, because I'm all about respecting other artists. Right now I just need to know nodal procedural building texturing can be done, and done well. I'm pretty good with Lightwave, but realize my own limits and thought it might be good to just tap the abilities of other skilled users. I was inspired by people here doing amazing nodal work early on and devouring things like carbon fiber and anisotropic patterns entirely with nodes. It seems like the sky is the limit if you know the math.