View Full Version : Something very odd...

08-06-2007, 09:31 AM
Something wierd keeps occuring. When in Modeler I press 0 to go from a four viewport screen layout to a one viewport layout. Simple enough. When I hit 0 to change, I see an image that may have been opened at one time or another, but is not currently open.

For example, after hitting 0, for a split second I see a picture of my daughter, a picture that is not, nor has not been opened for some time. These pics have nothing to do with Lightwave. This happens on my machine at home, and also on my machine at work. Here I'm on a 2.66 Intel box, and up until recently at work I was on a G5 233 DP.

I have the Nvidia GeForce 7300GT, in this machine. I don't remember what was on the G5 at work.

Has anyone heard of or seen anything like it? It's not really a problem, just something of a curiosity.
Thanks for any input.