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08-02-2007, 03:40 AM
I've never ever had so much trouble as this with Lightwave, really wondering what is going on? Does anyone PLEASE have any answers to these questions?

Does 9.2 work on a PPC? Finding it immediately crashes on renders. These files made in 8.3, is there an issue about hypervoxels?

Why have all the scene files (.lws) icons reverted to LW 6-7?

The Hub is disabled.

Changed the VBO to streaming in open GL.
Have installed at least 3 times, and deleted all the preferences in user/library/preferences
Are there any Lightwave files outside this and the NewTek folder, I once had a list but have lost it.

Have never had any real trouble running 6x,7x &8x on a whole assortment of machines, some not entirely suitable like G3 Wallstreet laptop and other underpowered types.

Ran trial version of 9 on an Intelmac with no trouble. Is 9 not available anymore? (too inferior to post for download?), Will the 'Universal' run on a PPC?

Using a G5 1.25 ram (first version 2003).

Once again, any help at all or clues would be greatly appreciated!

08-02-2007, 05:48 AM
Really pissed off, this was just so totally unexpected!

Especially after version 9 seemed to be fine on the intel last winter.

Now there are no surface presets (?). Is this normal? Is the download file damaged?

08-02-2007, 06:10 AM
Found some presets, but they are from the Windoze 9 version.

Will this work or completely finish the Mac off?

08-03-2007, 06:50 AM


Darth Mole
08-03-2007, 09:04 AM
Hi - sorry, no-one has replied. I'll do what I can.

I've found 9.2 to be far more stable than pretty much any version of LW back to 5.6, but I can also still crash it easily. Hypervoxels have been a culprit for ages: they render fine once set up, but if I fiddle with settings long enough (and with VIPER on) it's only a matter of time before LW quits.

At the moment, all of my scene files have no icons at all! Not a big issue, more aesthetic than anything.

The download conatins no - or very few - presest (if I remember correctly). I just moved all my old preset folders into the same places in the LW 9.2 Program folder. I can happily email over a new set if you PM me.

No, there are no other files external to the LW9.2 folder, beyond some Prefs that sit in your preferences folder.

The Universal build runs fine on PPC but is still in Beta (and very few 3rd party plug-ins work). If I were you I'd sign up to the 9.3 beta, download it and see if there's any improvement.

If you want to post your old scene file, I'll give it a go on both 9.2 and the latest beta.

08-03-2007, 10:12 AM
Thanks for the reply.

Maybe I'm over doing it, but as I keep saying it's all a bit of a shock.

Some of these things have been sorted out like the icons, managed to go to info, open with and change all.

Still wonder if you click (right click, open with) on an icon of either scene or object Lightwave 9 will start up but layout or modeler will be empty. Is this normal behavior on the Mac? i.e. you have to navigate to the scene or object from the file requester within the program. This has not happened in Windows.

Thats good to know about the files being all in the folder except for the prefs. this is a real time saver when having to reinstall.

So I gather the universal build will be the future on PPC after 9.2? I mean we are not going to have 2 systems in tandem (I hope)?

The hypervoxel thing is a bit annoying, I attached a zipped file which takes 1-22 mins on PPC. It always crashes in 9.2 on PPC and renders in 9-44 minutes on Intelmac duel processors in the beta.

The hypervoxels come out all thinned out and wrong which I'm not worried about, this could be changed, its just the crashing and extra long render time.

Maybe you could take a look at it if you have the time. You are right, I hope, and shouldn't attach too much importance to HV as they are problematic anyway.

Suppose I have to come around to the idea that all work in version 8x will have to stay there and only new stuff to happen in 9.

Thanks again for replying.

Darth Mole
08-05-2007, 02:32 PM
Well, loaded it into 9.2 and works fine. ironically, I loaded it into the latest beta and it crashed almost immediately.

There seems to be some difference in the way that LW is dealing with the HVs and radiosity. In 9.2 I think it's ignoring the HVs; it renders the backround and then builds up the HVs over the top, as per usual.

In the latest beta it's rendering the whole thing using the Final Gather-style progressive rendering, and as soon as it's done one pass it bombs out.

Beyond this, I can't be much more help. My initial thoughts are: turn off radiosity when rendering HVs!

08-05-2007, 02:47 PM
Thanks very much for testing, is the 9.2 on a PPC or Intel Mac?

I got it to work today on the beta, but about 5 times slower than on 8.3.

08-07-2007, 10:12 AM
Hello Glendalough you should have access to the beta forums now and if you could send a email to [email protected] so we can help you resolve some of the trouble you are running into.