View Full Version : FS: A bunch of video stuff, including VX2000

07-22-2007, 01:07 AM
I'm getting out of video editing as an "expensive" hobby. I've done weddings (onto DVDs) for the last 3 years or so, and I have decided to concentrate on other hobbies and interests, including family (now that my son is 4!) and my full-time job as an embedded software engineer.

Here's my list:


Note that the prices INCLUDE standard shipping within the 48 contiguous US States - if you are somewhere else, email me and we can figure out shipping.

I've based most of the asking prices on how they have sold on eBay recently so I believe that most of them are reasonable, or at least very close. If you'd like to create a "package deal", let me know.
Whatever I cannot sell (at least at a decent price) I plan on putting up on eBay on Tuesday evening or Wednesday afternoon.

NOTE: The links under the "Notes" column don't work if there are more than one links in the cell; you will have to manually copy-paste each line with the link to get to them.

Thanks guys - feel free to email me with any questions.