View Full Version : Display/View problem

07-19-2007, 11:29 AM
Dear All

I am new to compositing and I have a problem, I recently bought a second hand lap-top. As a result I inherited some software 'eyeon fusion 5' was numbered among them. But there is a problem I cannot view any images in the view port. When I try to *view* an .avi nothing happens, all I get in the viewport is either a white or black rectangle with a red diagonal cross centered in the middle (instead of a the actual .avi file on my hard drive).

The methods I have tried are, whilst in 'flow layout' mode clicking either of the small, white and rounded buttons, which as I understand correspond with the left and right viewports.

I have also tried by right clicking the file in 'flow layout' mode selecting and enabling both the left and right viewports with the *view/on* option. Similarly I have also selected the *Create/Play Preview on* option, once again enabling L & R viewports and also selecting the option *File Sequence*

Other methods were to try dragging and dropping the file into the viewport and alt dragging and dropping. I have also tried to enable view from the time line, but still the no visual output.

Any ideas and help much appreciated

PS. if anyone has any good links to urls which are pushing the boundaries of
what fusion 5 can do please forward them on.