View Full Version : PAL Sync problem

07-18-2007, 11:11 AM
I have VT3 card with Genlock option, no SX, VT4 software. I want to use VT as one input to classic analog effect controller / switcher. So I use house sync to genlock VT (PAL system). But I have 2 strange problems:
1. When I start VT, I have no video on VTvision and "driver lockup problem" error message. When I go to preferences, set V,H or SC sync to other value and then set it back, system works. This happen with VT 4.1, with VT 4.6 it works OK, but for some stability reason I like VT 4.1. When I start VT with genlock disconnected or set to some values, VT starts with no problem.
2. Composite output signal is not correctly genlocked. V+H sync is OK, but SC not. It is not completly unstable, but output phase sometimes change +- 90 or 180 degrees, so it looks like changes in polarity of U,V signals. It happens with all VT4 software versions. I tried to genlock VT4 directly to effect controller BBout or house sync, but with no succes. Every other equipments have no genlock problem (Beta UVV1800, Sony DXC cameras and DVCam 1500), so I think there is no problem with genlock signal itself.