View Full Version : Hypervoxels ignore Alpha Channels??? What?

07-15-2007, 10:22 AM
I am rendering a skeleton fighting a live action character.

The character hits the skeleton with his sword and the rib cage breaks apart.

An emitter with hypervoxels (sprites) was added to show a blast of gray dust from the breaking bones on impact....

I am using a skydome for lighting with radiosity (set alpha to constant black) because radiosity and unseen by camera does not work with 9.0.

A ground plane with a surface setting to render shadow density is also used.

The problem I have is that once it is rendered and I try to comp it (using lightwave for a preliminary test but will use a different comp package for the final shot).. I can see a faded image of the ground plan and skydome where the gray skeleton dust is.....:stumped:

I should say that the hypervoxels are set at a 20% dissovle and then fade to 100% dissolve during the animation.

I also need to ad a few layers of dust from the environment so I have to figure this out.

Any one have suggestions? Have you run into this before? What did you do?

I am still using LW9.0 as 9.2 will not run on my old outdated system...

I would really appreciate any suggestions.

I've added an image so you can see. If you look close you can see a faded image where gray dust should be...Please keep in mind this is all low res.