View Full Version : So anyone got PLG IK working on the Mac ?

07-15-2007, 01:06 AM
On one level they must be working because the example scenes work, and you can sometimes delete and reapply it in the examples scenes ok apparently. Not always.

But when you go to do it yourself in a blank scene with a few bones (or in a new chain in the example scenes), PLG IK Top (that you put on the top of your IK chain) works, but PLG IK (that you put on the children) is as dead as a dodo. It's just not doing anything and your goal just won't rotate those bones at all.

That was pretty much the same for PLG curve bone, except somehow I got that working in the end, but PLG IK just will not work on bone chains you create yourself apparently.



In a nutshell what is so great about plg ik anyway ?, other than its faster, is that right ? I notice bones don't report any rotation info back when they have plg ik on them.