View Full Version : Is 9.2 intel optimised?

07-12-2007, 02:47 AM
Howdy, I've just got a macbook pro, one of the older 1.83ghz models running the ATI1600 card, all seems good & I'm slowly becoming less of a macophobe. I've installed a few apps & they seem to be in .dmg files & are intel optimised (Universal binary?)apparently. I've just had LightWave9.2 installed & when I go to the info for the app it tells me its an application(powerPC)
does this mean that its not intel optimised?
sorry to be such a noob, I've scanned the newtek site & cant find any mention of whether it's UB or not.
ant info greatly appreciated

07-12-2007, 03:31 AM
No. The 9.2 release version of LW is still PowerPC code, so on your Intel Mac it will run many times slower. It is also likely to crash if you enable GLSL mode and there are various other irritations to be aware of.

You can access the UB version by joining the OpenBeta. The UB build is likely to be much faster (although you will have to join OB to find out), but any compiled 3rd party plugins will not be usable with it. LScripts will generally work, as will UB-compiled plugins. Everything else will need developer action to get running with UB LW.

07-13-2007, 02:20 AM
thanks for that, I'm waiting on the tech guy for the registration details & I'll see you in the beta forums I hope.
After reading thru some of the other posts (something I probably should've done before starting this thread) It looks like I'm in a similar position to a few others here. I'm running the 3D component of the local uni's digital media course. I've been teaching in a sessional role for 6 or so years & they've finally put me on full time. This means i'm now responsible for creating the worksheets & lectures we use, as well as developing some unit resources for the students. I've come from a pc background, using my windows laptop but the school is fully mac based & I'm struggling a bit with finding plugins etc that are mac compatible. Not having UB LightWave is making it a bit awkward as well, especially when compared to the speed maya 8.5 runs on my colleagues macbook pro.
Anyway, sorry for the novella, this is just my attempt at introducing myself to all the fine mac people here in the knowledge I'll be bugging you again soon for the solutions to all the silly problems I seem to be running into..:thumbsup: