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07-09-2007, 09:47 AM
Hello everyone, first of all I will say I am a newbie to this.
At current I am trying to make a full humanoid robot rig, I have concluded that IK Boost will be the quickest method to animate the robot while getting good results (I may be misguided, please correct me if I am wrong:))

As the robot will be made of metal meaning no flexing etc. of it I thought that each seperate part of the robot would be on it's own layer. I am in early days so once again if this is not the best way to do it please correct me.

However I have tryed this method with primatives to create an arm before I model the actual object, moved the pivots to the correct positions, in Layout parented them to form a chain then enabled IK Boost on them, from this method I have had no success in making them link to each other and work with each other at all.

I have been making assumptions on how to do this, I have used google to little avail, watched parts 1 - 3 of the videos on Ikboost.com and have tryed to search these boards, however it seems the search function may be down, it just kept coming up with an error message.

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.

Oh, and that offer in my signature about the free hosting is real, I currently have about 1.5GB space available and alot of bandwidth that I am not using so I thought I would put it to good use. I am not asking for anything in return, no ads, no money, it will be up to the person who chooses to run it to make the site and maintain it. It just has to benifit the Lightwave community and not be for a individuals personal gain. Domains are able to be attached and two MySQL databases are free for use. PM if you are interested. :)

07-09-2007, 10:09 AM
The move pivot method should work. But i would not use it by itself.

Try this setup.
in Modeler
on layer one of your mesh make a skelegon setup for the rig.
then make all your other parts on the other layers.
in modeler move your pivot to match the pivots of the skelegons.

in layout
make a Null called Char_Root (replace "Char" with characater name)
parent your layer one with the skelgons to this null
then convert your skelegons
then parent all the parts of the robot to the skelegons
(Make sure "parent in place" is on)
and apply IKB to Char_Root null
You will probbale want to lock your robot parts
so you can't access then while you are using IKB.

I highly recomend you use PLG Ik for the leg IK.

OR model in one layer and use 100% weight maps.

07-09-2007, 10:15 AM
Thanks a heap for this Castius, I am heading off now (2:30am), I will try this as soon as I wake up tomorrow.

Appreciated. :)

07-09-2007, 10:22 AM
What I would tend to do if you're new at this is:

make each part in separate layer
move that layer's pivot to the pivot of that object
use the Layer panel (set to Hierarchy mode) to parent your bits together, (hand the child of the wrist etc.)
export to Layout

Have a look at some of the example scenes, there are quite a few robot scenes in there.
If you know what you're doing, I'd put all the bits in one layer, and separate them in space, then put a bone in each bit with the base of the bone at the pivot point of each bit. If they are far enough apart, the bones should work fine without using weightmaps, which can create a lot of data and slow down LW, depending on the complexity of your robot.This means in Layout you only have one object which keeps complex scene simple. Re-parent the bones in layout (with Parent in place on), and use that to rig on. It'll be fairly quick, or if it gets slow because of detail, copy the complex object to another layer, and merge points using a threshold on the original to simplify it. Then you can animate with this rig, set the complex version to use 'Use bones from' and render that rig.

I have quite a few plug ins on my website for helping set up IK and such.

07-09-2007, 07:23 PM
Thanks for the advice Dodgy, I will give your technique a go also and see which one works better for me, I should learn a few things in the process.

I just checked out your website Dodgy, looks like quite a few things could help out, thanks.

Thanks a bunch Dodgy and Cautius, really appreciated.