View Full Version : Eh? "expose but now for Lightwave"

06-24-2003, 11:44 PM
I got this in my private messages, you may have too:

expose but then for Lightwave

re: Expose - But now for LW !!!

I saw your image in the LW forum and wanted to let you know that we would love to publish your image in our upcoming "Coffee table book of LW's Mechanical and Medical Designs". Your style and quality is what we are looking for.
[..] Please send in a low resolution image for final approval to:
[email protected]
This book could mean a powerful marketing tool for you as modeler/animator.
John Koop
Thing is, I have never published any images on the LW discussions site, or elsewhere. Everything I do goes [sigh] straight to video. Hmmm smells a bit iffy to me. If you're publishing a book, but your level of grammatical ability is: "This book could mean a powerful marketing tool for you", it's not going to make it to my coffee table. Caveat emptor..