View Full Version : Changing Grid size from 1m to 50km reveals Bug in LW 9.X?

07-08-2007, 10:47 AM
Ok... let me see if i can explain this without sounding like i'm loosing my mind... or perhaps i'm missing a new tab or additional feature to keep from getting Lost in Layout views.

In the old LW 7.5 when you're starting a new scene you could change the grid size form 1m to 10km or even 50km while the main view was in perspective mode and all you would have to do is modify your camera and light positions. You could still see the grid though

WELL i've discovered something that seems buggy in 9.x
Do the following
1)Start a new scene(the default scene set to 1m)
2)Check to make sure the main view is set to perspective
3)Go to edit>display options
4)Set the grid size to 50km
5) PERSPECTIVE VIEW (and any other views you may have open such as left or right side) GOES AWAY or is BLANK GRAY and is almost impossible to locate.
any objects you have such as camera or a sphere seem to become distorted,partially visable... NOT EVEN FIT ALL brings the objects and grid back.

Now here is where i got curious...
I fired up my old LW 7.5 and followed the same steps and the above mentioned DID NOT HAPPEN... in other words i could change the grid size to large or smaller and the grid and camera objects would not disappear or become lost or distorted.

As a final test i opened up a LW 7.5 scene (set to 1m grid) in to LW 9.X and i proceeded to change the grid size here from 1m to 50km and WOW! Everything was ok... no distortion.... perspective view did not disappear all i had to do is the normal repositioning.

So in conclusion... is this a GRID ISSUE with 9.x or am i missing an added feature or setting i need to check to avoid becoming LOST in Space when i change a new scene in 9.x from 1m to 10km or 50km.

Please let me know so i don't feel like i'm loosing my mind.

07-08-2007, 10:54 AM
i'm sorry... i just now read that i was suppose to post this in the support forum...
Forgive me...

I'll bring up this issue there.

I was just curious if anyone else is seeing this issue as well.

Going to support now.