View Full Version : Switcher Stops Responding

07-01-2007, 09:45 PM
I am currently testing live streaming while I switch a 5 camera shoot. I can switch and stream live for about half an hour and all of a sudden without any error message or user interaction the input on both the preview and main bus go blank/black. When this happens VT stops capturing but, keeps on streaming. To recover I have to shut down VT and start over. I am wondering if anyone has run into this werid problem.

I have a very stable VT 4.6 system running on dual 3.2 xeons on a SM MOBO with 1 Gig RAM and 4 SCSI drives.

- I am currently saving my video as an avi (due to space requirements), would switching to RTV solve this problem?

- Instead of streaming using VT built in streaming app, should I use Win Media Encoder for streaming?

All suggestions appreciated.