View Full Version : QUESTIONS about VT4.6 capabilities

06-25-2007, 08:00 AM
I currently have a couple of Triasters and 2 VT4's.

I can lug the VT4's to clients facilities as I have a great carrying case for my HP XW8000

I'm want to get a studio but I also want to maximize my investment in VT4.

Here's what I would like to know:

A) Streaming: Can I do Push and Pull Streaming in VT4.6?
B) Can I stream and record live output from 3 cameras to my hard drive while streaming like on a Tricaster Pro?
C) Animated lower thirds possible on a VT4 during live switching and streaming?
D) I have VT4.6 software, with a VT2 card, are there any limitations that I should know about.
E) Can I do all of the above using the NT25 codec instead of uncompresed? (I have 4 73gb drives on the SCSI bus)

All the above factors will effect my purchase of the Tricaster Pro. Honeslty I'd rather go the VT4 to VT5 upgrade path since the system has run great and has made us money. If I can use my VT4 to generate the revenue to buy future Tricasters I'd be a happy camper.