View Full Version : Cool TOOLS for character animation on lightwave 10

06-25-2007, 07:41 AM
Things needed for LW to be a character animation program

1) Integrate WEIGTMAPS painting and ENDOMORPHING on layout
So we will be able to pose a character and then do endomorph corrections while bone deformation is on.

2) New Weight/skinning tools - Airbrush craches on lightwave. We also need Blur, smudge and other

tools for 3d painting of weightmaps on layout.

3) new deforming tools - esculpting tools like ( Z-Brush/modo ) wich we can use in LAYOUT to inflate,

smudge, esculpt details for corrective endomorphs.

4)Better RIGGING tools
Buy Maestro plugin and make it more usefull. One complete human and animal skeleton ( wich have

IK/FK, joints, corrective expressions, fix objects, angle limitation ) scalable for all kind of


5) NORMAL MAP/DISPLACEMENT MIXER - On morph mixer add an option to mix normal and displacement maps

too. So we can do advanced details on animation.

6) SKELEGONS to BONES. Everybody hates when skelegons can't be editable on modeler. We want the

difference between skelegons and bones dissapear.

7) MOTION MIXER - Integrate motion mixer on graph editor

8) MUSCLE SIMULATION - Inside objects wich will deform the mesh like POLYFIT

9) SPLINE CONTROL COMPATIBILITY - I can't add spline control to a part of a character ( NEED WEIGHTMAP LIMITATION ) . I can't add multiple spline controls on a character. I also can't move spline points to all axis at the same time. Please add it.
It would be usefull to add multiple splines to animate a hair or an octopus.

10) INSTANCING - when we copy and paste we loose memory and performance. We need instancing.

11) SOFT FX - Lot's of soft on lightwave that does nothing good. We need soft fx wich preserves the intern volume.

Nicolas Jordan
06-25-2007, 08:50 AM
There is some mention in the future development articles of native instancing planned for Lightwave in a future release! I for one am very happy with the capabilities of Messiah for now which makes waiting for Lightwave development much more bearable. At the same time am also looking forward to new animation tools and development in the future for Lightwave! :thumbsup:

06-25-2007, 02:35 PM
There is a feature request section on this forum!!!

Buying Maestro will solve very little and only entrench LW even more in what is the actual problem when it comes to rigging and animation - mainly the antiquated motion and displacement architecture. If NT keeps rebuilding and updating the core they themselves as well as 3rd parties can provide much better and more flexible tools than what is even close to possible today. You want Maestro, buy it yourself!

06-25-2007, 07:25 PM
Yes, maestro is nice for what it is, but I'm hoping Newtek is shooting a little higher then that for character animation.