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06-17-2007, 06:11 PM
I am working on a long documenatry, 1 hr 52 minutes in length. I built the timeline in 4 sections, each one about a half hour long, so it would be more manageable. The timeline has numerous stills (5-8 seconds in length) or small pieces of video with dissolves in between. Many of the stills have movement (pan or zoom) using the control tree. At the end of each timeline, I have a fade to black.

When it came time to render my final project, I had problems. I made each section into a subproject and put all 4 subprojects on the timeline. They played perfectly. But when I looked in the storyboard, 3 of them had red exclamation marks. I spent days trying to figure out what was wrong and expanded each one and tore each one apart looking for something wrong driving me crazy and getting me nowhere. I wanted to render the project but couldn't because of the red exclamation marks. Then I decided to expand all the subprojects on the timeline and try rendering it. There are no errors in any of them. But I can only expand two of the subprojects on the timeline, when I try to do the third, the Toaster crashes. :bangwall:

I called Newtek Tech Support and was told that each item on the timeline is a window and that the Windows operating system only allows so many windows to be open and that I'm probably exceeding that limit by trying to expand all my subprojects on the timeline. So I cannot do that. I had to get rid of the red exclamation marks.

I then figured out how to get rid of the red exclamation marks in the subprojects. All I did was expand each subproject and change the length of the black at the end of the timeline. I lengthened or shortened the black by a frame or two and then made a subproject and there was NO EXCLAMATION POINT. For some reason, it seems that it didn't like the length of my black at the end of each timeline.

Now I could put all 4 subprojects on the timeline with no red exclamation points. But I still got an error when I tried to render the whole thing. I could render each one individually but when I tried to do 2 or 3 or 4 sections together, it would not render. Again I called tech support and was told that their system crashed when they tried to render several complicated subprojects.

Anyway, I decided to render each one individually and then after encoding them in Procodor brought them into ULEAD and am working on my menus. In ULEAD I am setting up a button to play all titles. I am very happy because I finally got it to work.

Has anyone else had problems rendering large projects. When I say large, I don't just mean in length but also complexity?

I am using Toaster version 4.6 build 6016.

06-17-2007, 09:26 PM
I had a project a year ago that was 8 cameras with tons of cg titles. What I found was my VT locking up and taking forever to do anything.

So my solution was (since mine was a dance recital) was to edit each dance on it's own, then render the edited sections out... then build a new time line made up of just the rendered element and added my transitions between them.

Basically think of it as seperate sub-projects.

In the end I actually just used the rendered elements and linked them together in Adobe Encore for the DVD

06-23-2007, 09:40 PM
Has anyone run into any problems rendering more than one subproject. When I put two complex 30 minute subprojects on the timeline, I can't render it. I immediately get an error. However, each subproject can be rendered individually so I know there's nothing wrong with them. Is there some sort of time limit on what can be rendered or is there something wrong with the render engine?

With the previous buiild, 4.5 I rendered a 45 minute complex timeline with no problem. Now with 4.6 build 6016 I can't.

06-24-2007, 10:42 AM
You may want to try right clicking on the subproject in the filebin and render from there.

I have had trouble in the past putting complex(and very long) projects on the timeline and then rendering, but no problem rendering from the filebin.

My 'theory' is that when you put it on the timeline VT goes to work getting it ready to play. Using quite a few resources. Then when you try to render it is adding more resources for the render while it is still chunking away on the timeline version.

By rendering from the filebin it only has to think about the project once.

The theory may be wrong but my results were correct.