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06-16-2007, 01:06 PM
Allucinari is now searching for talented Visual Effects Artists as well as Concept Artists.

There is no location requirement.

FX -

We create visual FX for Film and Television. We hire freelancers who work from their home mostly and hire by model or by shot by shot at first; sometimes by shot groups or sequences. Most of the work is compositing, but we are looking for matte painters and 3D artists as well.

In addition to generalists, we are in search of:

3D Hard surface organic modelers for things like armored characters and motorcycles.
3D Character Rigger and animators.
2D Rotoscopers
2D Compositors

Please mention what application you use. Modo and Lightwave are a plus for 3D.

Please send links of your reels to [email protected]



We are looking for concept artists to fuel ideas for both our effects and design work. A heavy anime/sci-fi range would be a big plus to see.

Please send links of your website to [email protected]