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06-14-2007, 10:26 AM

I'm going to study one of these two..

but really I don't know which one of them I should.

I hope if someone have any Idea about anything on them, and help me to decide where to go and what to be!

thanks in advance :)

06-14-2007, 02:08 PM
Um banker is the way to go, or i always hear welding = cash in the bank. i would say I.T. is an easier then e-com but then if you no good at hardware and trouble shooting and good at coding maybe e-coms . so since its hard to know what you know and what strenghs you have; ill say welding. :thumbsup:

06-14-2007, 02:42 PM
The question is, what is your passion? What is the one thing that you would do almost for free? If money is your biggest motivator, welding is a great option. Especially if you like working in severe weather conditions, being filthy dirty, developing a bad back, bad knees, and being around toxic fumes.:) As I tell young folks who go through my shop...if money is your biggest motivator, go into the business/sales side of a business that peaks your curiosity.

06-14-2007, 03:00 PM
thanks guys..

no welding please hehehe

I have passion to both of them IT and e-com, but I'm afraid a bit about E-commerce , because I didn't study business before and have no Background of it, At ALL :D

and by the same! they tell me that is E-Com would be better to get a good job with a good salary also.
unlike IT.

I have to decide until this saturday only:(

06-14-2007, 03:06 PM
Well i have heard that about ever job that one is easier then the other wich is why i placed welding inthere that all i heard when i ws learning CAD. applies to all job feilds i think heck i even heard that its hard to geta Dr's job if you go into that feild. now about e-coms i cant picture what you mena by that. do you mean start your one e site or work for an E site but it sounds like you maybe Iting any who .

06-14-2007, 03:23 PM
well, I mean with E-commerce is that I study it for three years and get the BS certificate.

then try to find a job anywhere, and live a Life!

the same as for IT.


06-14-2007, 03:48 PM
Well if you are looking at anything - be well rounded, take some extra courses in accounting even if they are from an extension service for farming!

You will learn how to really watch the money, and also spot if something doesn't look right, giving you a heads up if you need to look elsewhere for work before the rest of the crew.

I still think that robotics is an upcoming field, just darn few places to learn and get a good education in it.

In any case you are making the decision, we just offer the suggestions from experience and what we see from that experience...

06-14-2007, 05:28 PM
thanks itc

it's a good and a bad idea, in taking extra courses

the good is that I'll be well rounded and I'll get better jobs and more salary.

the bad is, that I should first take one of the two subjects IT or e-com first and then after (or within) three years I take some extra courses (something about business maybe) so I'm not sure If I can because it will cost too much (in my country) to add extra courses by the same time as I study one of those.

thanks guys I'll think about it, they said (the university) that saturday I must go there and choose what subject I want to study.

06-15-2007, 03:59 AM
Personally, I'd rather be a welder. Who wants to sit in a cubicle all day under bad flourescent lighting? You'll be miserable if money is your biggest motivator for choosing a career. Do something you like doing.

06-15-2007, 05:49 AM
I didn't said MONEY is my biggest motivator for choosing a job..
I just want to get a good job to live.
I mean by a job that would be BALANCED.

If I was running for money, I would study Business and Banking rather than IT and ecom.
But I'm not

06-15-2007, 10:53 AM
BS in e-coms never heard of one in that feild. what do you cover going in to e-coms. i was going to say read rich day poor day or automatic wealth(1st 4 chapters are good the rest sucks) before you pick but you said you had til this sat so no time for you to read .. in an case have fun and good luck. ill say this i have AS in mech-drafting and aa in busniess marking and working on my BA. while im am happy drafting and feel this job is great i still feel that im missing something lol, after read those books i want more for my self i guess.