View Full Version : x64 VT 5 and Lightwave

06-12-2007, 04:15 PM
I've been fascinated with VT 4 since i got to train at a local church for a few weekend. It was my first live switch.

At the time it was XP pro, and brand new SATA drives. That was 3 summers ago. By this time i've had the chance to build my workstation into something that doesn't kill my soul during the cutting phase.

I've been editing with Final Cut for about 3 years now working with Adobe Production studio premium for about a year now, and 3ds Max 8 for about 16 months. I like the PC workflow much better...and i've recently upgraded to x64...There are so many options for video i can't make a decision. I really like Final Cut Pro's interface, and 16 channel playback for "canned" switching and P2 DvcPro 50 options, i like Premiere Pro's integration with the whole CS package, i like VT's intergration with LW for broadcast Gfx...and i like 3DS Max's event based animation and character studio...but, i'm sad to say that all of these options are never available all at once.

I like x64, it runs crazy fast compared to Xp Pro (x86), but I really want VT 5 to do "Canned" switching (even with bobs plug in), P2 *.mxf DVCpro 50, and Speed Edit to work with Lightwave broadcast Gfx from the timeline and use photoshop psds?.

Is x64 going to cause problems, will this VT 5 have this...because it would really be worth it? If not...my dreams will be crushed!:agree:

06-12-2007, 05:44 PM
I haven't heard any mention yet if VT[5] will include x64 support. It's basically an issue of hardware drivers.