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06-08-2007, 02:43 PM
I'm a fairly new user of LW and have made quite a bit of progress and love the program. I'm on a Mac, the problem is our company just hired many new developers who are strictly PC. The 3D developers on that team are all using 3ds Max and it has been suggested that I switch over to that software so that everyone would be using the same file types (I own a PC also).

So in researching on my own, it sounds like the FBX file format would solve this problem but I don't know much more than that. Where do I get the plugin? I'm on LW9.2. It sounds like it would be worth a shot to try sharing files that way. What are the limitations?

To a larger point though, I hate to abandon LightWave now that I have spent weeks buying training videos and learning so much about the program and am doing so well. Is it ever possible for LW and 3ds to play well together? Is it reasonable for a new-ish user to become proficient in both apps without getting totally confused?

Like everything else, people are biased toward what they are used to but it seems that 3ds is more commonly used in the field, and I'm not sure why. Thoughts?

06-09-2007, 01:49 AM
Yeah, don't abandon Lightwave.

On Intel mac? LW for PC files, or export from PC 3DS max as .lwo (plug-in)... no prob.

FBX exports from LW Layout (fbx.p plugin...just do a search), but no IK and sometimes not so good with UV's from LW.

You can also merge from apps. like motion builder to render in LW. But I haven't figured out how you import fbx rigs into LW yet so you can modify them there though.


06-09-2007, 02:03 AM
... sorry, I'm still using LW 8.0 and the fbx plug in skipped a few versions a while back.

Check this:


Seems like there is a workable plug in for 9.