View Full Version : slow redraws... beachballs?

06-05-2007, 12:30 AM
Hello what is the deal with LW on the Mac.

I have a G5 quad, LW 9.0 runs fine.. 9.2 either PPC or UB is SLOW, getting beachballs when I move panels, open scene editor.. move sliders.. beachballs , freezing everything for like 2 to 3 seconds everytime is a waste of time.. any ideas??

matt -

06-05-2007, 02:37 AM
If it's the shipping version of 9.2 you're referring to, I don't exactly know. Is it happening with *all* objects? Layout or Modeler?

If it's happening in the UB, please post this in the UB forum so we can discuss it.


06-05-2007, 05:44 AM
Could this be GLSL related? I've largely given up on GLSL because it is just so damn slow. Multitexture and selective use of VBO make life a lot easier under both OS X and Windows.

06-05-2007, 08:59 AM
I posted about my LW 9.2 (non-UB) issues in another thread on this forum.

I had a problem where a 300,000 poly object (a 24x18x10 3D "grid" of 3D "planes" with a single jpeg image mapped accross all of the plane faces) was SO slow to work with in 9.2 (2-3 minutes of beachball after moving the object slightly in Modeler or Layout), that I went back to 9.0, rebuilt the object, and things worked 1000 percent faster and snappier... I'll be finishing that project in 9.0.

I'm working on another project in 9.2 (non-UB) right now, and it seems to be fine, but it doesn't have any super-high poly models or texture maps.

The new photoreal motion blur in 9.2 is awesome! In 9.0, I wasn't able to get the super smooth, motion-blurring that's possible in 9.2... even with 33 passes!

I'm on a Dual 2.66 Intel MacPro with an Invidia GeeForce 7300GT. What's the IDEAL setting for the GLSL/Multitexture/VBO?