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05-30-2007, 07:29 AM
Hey everyone.
I have a small problem that I hope someone might be able to help me with.
I purchased LW 7.5 a while ago, and had it on my desktop computer, fiddled around with it, and then had to put my attention elsewhere.
Recently, I bought a new laptop (Dell Inspiron 1505 series), and then bought the 9.0 upgrade.
Well, I just received the 9.0 upgrade, and wanted to reinstall LW on my new laptop, seeing as the desktop has since been buried in the backyard.
While trying to install 7.0 (then to update afterwards), I had a lot of problems installing the sentinal drivers (IE: they would say they had installed, then after restart, it would ask me to install them before installing LW).
Also, after talking with Newtek Cust. Serv, they told me that I need a new USB hardware dongle for use with 9.0. That's all fine and good, but I just realized that I won't be able to install 7.0 because the hardware dongle is used in the parallel port; a port which I don't have on my dell.

Any thoughts on any of these issues would be really appreciated.
Thanks in advance.:help:

05-30-2007, 01:06 PM
You could double check with tech support, but I think the only V9 download is a full install (the "upgrade" designation is only a price issue, I think). If this is the case you should not have to worry about reinstalling v7.5.