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05-26-2007, 07:07 PM
Whoops, did a search and found a similar question asked earlier, but for some reason it was in Feature Requests. Here's a link to the original post, if it might further clarify the question (how to paste color properties without throwing off in/out times and placement):


Can someone give another solution or a short tutorial on how this works in Tool Shed? I don't often have need of most of the features in Tool Shed, so I admit I'm somewhat unfamiliar with it, especially with setting it up to do things that aren't already preset. If I'm trying to match color, brightness, etc with a corrected clip, would I somehow have to create user splines for every property altered, or is there a shorter way?

Like Ty Catt, I know I can set all these by cutting and pasting from the Edit Properties module, but having to reset all the ins and outs (and even the vertical placement on the timeline) gets old in a hurry. Is there someway to set up a Tool Shed function that would work something like the "Match Colors" in the SpeedEDIT Tool Shed (or even better, since that one seems to do its best to match the over-all look to a corrected clip, but doesn't actually make the color settings match, especially if there's a been a hue shift or something)

Is there maybe some way to copy and paste that would only select properties from the top or bottom of the Edit Properties box, so you could either copy Ins and Outs, Speed, Offset, Placement, etc, or from the Control Tree proper, and get just the Color, Position, Rotation, etc? A special key combo? Or right click on just the right spot maybe?