View Full Version : Scorebug Feature Request

05-19-2007, 01:23 PM

I'm considering investing in the Tricaster Studio systems recently announced. I'm curious, though, if there is a way to key in a score bug/bar using the overlay function that updates in real time. There is a product on the market called Scorebox www.scorebox.tv (not to promote the product, but to show how it works) that uses an RS-232 interface box to plug in to a Daktronics scoreboard control panel, and then overlays the real time data on to video. The box is about $10,000, plus something like $2,000 for the interface box... way beyond my budget.

I'm wondering if Tricaster Studio could do something like this with the downstream keyer, or if a plug-in could be developed to interface with Daktronics control boards. It would be nice to have the scores and such updated in real time, along with a live clock.

The other option would be to use something like the Scorebox as an external keyer, but I don't know if Tricaster Studio allows you to key in a signal in that manner.

The last option is to not use the record/stream functions on the Tricaster, key in the Scorebox over the Tricaster output, and then go into a separate deck and encoder. A lot more work and equipment, but it would work.

Looking forward to seeing the Tricaster Studio when it comes out!


Zach Schuster