View Full Version : Los Angeles LightWave Users Group Meeting

05-18-2007, 01:00 AM
Hello everyone

We have a meeting on Sunday May 20th at 2pm...We'll have Jennifer Hachigian give us another overview of Third party plug ins....you may remember she covered plug ins by Pictrix last time. This time she'll touch upon D-Storm plug ins....Dave Jerrard will cover how to convert textures that have been layered into nodes. We'll also have some quick tips on how to do roof tiles and shingles for any of you guys interested in architectural modeling...

Meeting begins at 2pm....$5 at the door (please try to bring exact
change....I don't like carrying a lot of cash with me)...

Though I haven't scheduled the June meeting yet, this is a reminder that
June's meeting is always on the 4th Sunday in June due to Father's day being
on the Third Sunday of the month (our usual meeting date)....

Donuts, coffee, and sandwiches will be provided...Let me know if you have
any questions and we hope to see you there....


Los Angeles River Center and Gardens

The address is

Los Angeles River Center and Gardens,
570 West Avenue 26,
Los Angeles CA.

Between Figueroa and San Fernando Road.