View Full Version : VT4 and LW

05-16-2007, 07:15 AM
Hi Folks I am putting up my VT4 up for sale.
It has the 4 channel audio and LightWave
Current retail somewhere around 4K.
I am asking 2K for it a set of BobFX complete
to go with it.
Why am I selling? I am primarily an editor and
just dont need a VT4 card. With SE it makes
my VT card obsolete. What I do need is new gear.
My stuff has gotten long in the tooth and its time
to get a machine to run SE on.
So since I am always strapped for cash VT has got to go. Dont FREAK I still have SE and am not
stoping the sale of plugins etc.
So its not like I am going anywhere but I need new gear and dont have a lot of other income coming in
so VT has got to go.