View Full Version : Confusion in the forums over UB, non-UB LW 9.2

05-16-2007, 07:04 AM
There seems to be a HUGE confusion over the difference between LW "9.2" and "9.2 UB". There are SO many posts in the "LightWave v9.2 Discussions" and "LW-Mac" sections that refer to bugs/issues related to the "9.2 UB" version, which should have been posted in the "Mac Universal Workshop" section of this forum... they're all getting blended together.

I'm often looking for issues and fixes related to the regular (non-UB) "9.2" in the "LightWave v9.2 Discussions" and, by the middle of the thread, I'll realize that the posters are referring to the "9.2 UB" version, even though the title just says "9.2"... same in the "Mac" section.

Sometimes, it seems like folks don't KNOW the difference, or even WHICH version they are using!!

I have to admit that the forum section thing IS a bit confusing... especially since the "Mac Universal Workshop" section is at the very bottom of the forum list, and the "UB" IS a "Mac" specific version... but still...

Can the moderators PLEASE post a sticky to advise folks to post about the correct software version in the correct section of this forum?:thumbsup: