View Full Version : Happy Feet Rigging Pictures

05-13-2007, 05:03 AM
I just stumbled on a picture of how they did the rigging for the Skua Birds in the movie Happy Movie (My Fave).

I always wondered how they did the wings of the birds, I did not put the picture on here due to copyright being stated on their pictures.

Here is the link, the Skua Birds are the only ones to having rigging pictures however several of the characters have their flat shades their and concept drawings.


What do you think of it, I am very impressed personally.

I also know it was not done in LW, but I thought it would be educational to a few people on here.

05-14-2007, 01:26 PM
Well.. it's hard to tell from a picture. If we analyze what we see, I'm quite sure we could create a similar rig in LW.

Now, we can not tell the functionality of the rig. Does the animator have to grab individual bones to animate? Does it have deformers? If so, how are they controlled? What about motion modifiers? There are tons of things that we simply cannot tell from a picture. I assume it is way more advanced than what it looks like. As I said, depening on how that rig works "behind the curtains" is what will either be an easy or hair-tearing thing to do in LW. Maybe even impossible with the current architecture of LWs rig/anim toolset.