View Full Version : Let's start an Austin Tx Lw group

05-09-2007, 11:10 AM
Hi, please post here if you are in the central texas area and would like to build a austin Lightwave user's group.

So far austin has a "3d user's" group, but thats all autodesk and max, kinda more of a springboard for promotions. I want to start a real 3D user's group, lightwave max, maya, modo, zbrush, everything!! Please post here if you live in the central texas area. I need to get an idea on how many lighwaver's are here in town.:agree:

05-09-2007, 12:16 PM
I work freelance in Driftwood, which is outside of Austin. Good luck finding many LW users in the area. Seems to be a dying breed here in the Austin area. I don't even think ACC teaches LW anymore (might be wrong about that one).

05-09-2007, 06:41 PM
Well Lightwave is used more and more in televison/movie production.
Austin is seeing more film makers come here and stay. Soon they will finish construction on 6 film studios. This makes me think it's a great time to breath life back into Lightwave in the austin area. Lightwave is far more easy to use than Max or Maya. Max and maya have the market just becuase they have always been there. But change is blowing! blowing max out-the-water. Many new software packages out now with a new approche to 3D, the rest of the industry will soon see the production advantages of Lightwave over ,Max when they get all the old farts out for retirement. The big movers and shakers all use lightwave now and use more than just one 3d package to get the work done. Gone are the old crappy max do it all days, doing everything is one package is like refusing to advance your skill nowadays. Even if the user group is 2 strong thats better than austin's 3d user's group, where you just get hit with promotions the whole time, and don't learn much from one-another.

ACC has really droped the ball in game dev , they just now added classes to deal with the demand, but the instructors their are too far removed from the industry, so they WERE good instructors at one time. Shity teachers, they too are some of the old farts from the industry. Wake-up people, zbrush, mudbox, modo, messiah, XSI, and Lightwave! all these have small learning curves and massive production advantages. Anyway thats why we should make a reall austin's 3d user's group, we could call it Austin 3D animators group.:thumbsup: