View Full Version : Dragging Layers Problem in Scene Editor

05-09-2007, 08:17 AM
Hello Lightwave Community:

My son's auntie bought him Lightwave V9 for his birthday and in an attempt to father and son bond, I have decided to set aside some weekend time from my law practice and explore Lightwave with him. We picked up two books, one of which was Inside Lightwave v. 9 by Dan Ablan. Feeling a little more comfortable with Text animation to get our feet wet, we started an ABN animation project.

Everything was going along nicely until we reached page 299-300 (ANIMATING TEXT), Exercise 7.7 (Text Setup in Layout), paragraph 5 which instructed us to OPEN SCENE EDITOR, SHIFT-CLICK 4 LAYERS OF THE OBJECT AND DRAG THE LAYERS SO THAT THEY INDENT UNDER THE NULL OBJECT'S NAME. Unfortunately, and please don't laugh, but the editor would not allow us to DRAG the 4 layers into an indentation format under the null object name. The 4 layers do not move at all. Please help and send a reply to my email as soon as you can! Thanks in advance. Tom

Sorry LW community for this basic question, but this is all new to me. Again, thanks for any prompt help. Oh, and please be specific and baby talk us through the steps. Sometimes we have to crawl before we walk...and it looks like I am going to be on my knees learning LW for a very long time, which should help father and son bonding.

Thank you all,

Tom email: [email protected]