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05-06-2007, 04:23 PM
I need to know if i can ask the price of a modeling project in public. I am not looking to start the project now but my question is more or less yes a round about price but also whats the best way to go about it. It seems like asking for a price on something is taboo and i don't feel like getting bann. So i need to know can i ask it in public or can someone direct me to someone that i can talk to in a PM.

05-06-2007, 04:41 PM
You can ask on the boards how much would it cost to model X but you will get 1001 different answers bcause it Depends!

It depends on how you run your business, where you are in the world how experienced you are what is the output? The list goes on and on.......................

The old answer is you can have it Fast, Cheap or Expensive..............PICK 2
My personal worry is if you have to ask how to model X you may not be in a position to charge in the first place.:)

05-06-2007, 05:51 PM
Well, I only need 1-2 people to answer the question even if its only you at least i have an idea. Let me tell you alittle about myself and what i am trying to do.

I am 26. I can not model for crap but i think i could do well if i had some models already made. I work on a off shore oil rig. I have about 8,000 of my 50,000 goal. I work 12-15 hours a day. Here's what i want but i have no idea how to go about it. This can get long so i am going to jump to it right now.

I am going to split it into the 3 parts but all are the same job.

Part 1

*** To have the following chr. modeled. (and sold to me as is no texture just models)

Female Rogue
Tier 2

Female priest
Tier 5



Part 2

Making Temari look like a full bown CG girl. From the images above model her whole body as if she was a a CG girl from start. I know you pay 1-2k for the first model right? But after that lets say i want her but in 50 differnet backgrounds maybe sitting in 1 photo or standing in another. 1 photo might be her looking into the sun and then another will be her leaning on a tree so while i am paying for the first model the same model is just going to be moved to different backgrounds. know what i mean?

part 3

To model Tilda

Same thing. to model her and pay for 1 full model and then 50 or so more but were the background and outfit change. 50 or so picutures of her.

So what i want. Its a really ruff idea but how much would someone charge to just model Temari and then just sell me the model?

How does someone price parts 2 and 3? Would it just be better to get someone to work for me for 1 whole year? Thats the problem i am having but then again I am not sure how long doing something like this takes. I guess i would have to sit down with the guy or girl and explain everything i can't do it via net or phone. Do they ask for money first? I have no idea how i would even start something like this

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05-27-2007, 02:40 PM
why not just get some quotes from some smaller companies to see how long it would take them and their price and take it from there.....shop around.