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06-23-2003, 11:58 AM
does any one know how I would start off as a disc object and using rail extrude I would form a long curvy tube (depending on my line i create)
Now I want to be able to animate this tranformation so it looks like the tube is growing. so it starts as a flat disc and grows into the tube object. I tried to do it with a mormph but that doesnt seem to work unless im doing it wrong.
any Ideas

06-23-2003, 03:02 PM
the classically accepted way of doing it... with modern improvements of course goes a little like this...

1. make a tube straight down the z axis, give it many subdivisions (experimentation will show how many you need)

2. make a single skelegon chain down the z axis. (more experimentation)

3. make a morph map for the tube, and in the morph have it scale down along the z axis towards the layer's pivot (the point where x y and z = 0)

4. in LW add the skelegons, and then use them to bend your tube into the desired shape.

5. now animating the morph should have your tube grow appropriately. If it does not then you should change the subdivision order for the object.

this is one way of doing it, there are many others, and there are many ways to alter this approach to get the desired effect. good example: using the "bend" deformation instead of bones to get a nice gentle curve.

06-24-2003, 12:51 PM
I tried what you said to do and it almost worked for me my problem came when
I morphed to the smaller shape. the shape ended up getting all bent and it seemed the reason is because the bones are not getting smaller with the shape, they stay the same size as the object gets smaller causing it to tweak out.
Any ideas or fixes for this?

06-24-2003, 02:47 PM
try changing the "subdivision order" of the object. select the object in LW... hit the "p" key... in the resulting panel look for "subdivision order" try it at different settings.

the idea behind this is that your bones arent supposed to change, they set the "path" that the Object grows on. And the animation of your morph causes the growth. So the bones sound like they are doing their job, it may be that you and i are having some sort of miscommunication, or that you are very close.

06-24-2003, 02:51 PM
Do what eblu wrote EXCEPT:

Model the segmented tube oriented along the Z axis. Use the Stretch tool to squash it tightly together (doesn't have to be flat).

Position the Z- end of the squashed tube at the Z zero point.

Create a New Morph map. Name it, TUBE.stretched.

Use the Stretch tool (positioning the cursor in the Top View, at the Z zero point) to stretch the tube. The tube should extend AWAY from the Z zero point, heading toward the Z+ direction.

Now the morph will work with the bones (as long as the bones start at the Z zero point and extend toward the Z+ direction).

10-17-2004, 09:15 AM
If you create a weight map for bone influence for the basic long straight tube and you apply influence to each bone limited to each segment, then even if the bones doesn't become smaller would influence only the part to wich they are assigned...even though I'm not sure this would mess the object the same.

Hope this helps :rolleyes:


10-17-2004, 11:06 AM
How about a animated clip map?

Vincent D. Brumback

10-17-2004, 11:53 AM
A real nice free plugin for this is called Shift Spline Transform. Bezier Bend might be able to do it. DStorm has another plugin called Trailer which might also work. :)