View Full Version : TBC for my multiplexer

carrie d.
05-05-2007, 04:17 PM
If this is the wrong place to post please tell.

I am trying to clean some signal for a rolling make shift editor I have made out of a multiplexer. (Besides shouldn't a multiplexer have a TBC?)

I think I need a TBC.

I have found a kitchen sync tbc online, looks great, but - DOES IT NEED A COMPUTER?

otherwise a consumer video mixer will do.

Any reason I would just want to use that ( a mixer)

Any suggestions would be great.
this is for a traveling video art piece, so mobility is important.

Thanks, thanks!

05-05-2007, 11:22 PM
I believe the Kitchen Sync is designed to work inside an Amiga, but it may be able to work in a simple ISA power box like the DPS TBC cards can. Otherwise, you can simply get the DPS TBCs and put them in a box [ES-2200T can hold 2].

Anyway, your best bet would probably be to look for an old Amiga Toaster system with one or two TBCs already in it. They pop up on eBay quite often and since most don't know to look for them, you can often find an Amiga Toaster system with one of these cards in it for just a little more than one of the cards alone. Also, you can use the joystick port as a GPI trigger if you have an edit controller.