View Full Version : Volumetrics + VIPER + Advanced Cameras 9.2 Bug

04-30-2007, 04:54 AM

I think this one is serious bug (and funny), here's the description:

You have your normal (mesh) objects in layout and you just added volumetric effects (volumetric lights, HyperVoxels ... etc.), rendering goes well at this stage with the new Depth of field or Adaptive Sampling in Perspective Camera mode (or any advanced cameras available), then the erratic behavior begins when you opened the VIPER preview window with any of the volumetric settings dialogs (volumetric lights, HyperVoxels ... etc.), render again and see how your objects are rendering fine with Adaptive Sampling but volumetric got _shifted_ to the rendering pass beyond Adaptive Sampling (the old Classic Camera behavior) without the benefit of the latter Sampling Technique, weird bug??!! :question:

I hope i made it clear

Image with right behavior (mesh on left and volumetric on right)

Image with erratic behavior (mesh on left and volumetric on right)

Scene file:

See that NewTek!
I think that no need anymore to that VIPER thing as long as there's Fprime (If Fprime improves it's volumetric support not only for final rendering)

04-30-2007, 05:23 AM
Yep, seen this one before and had it reported for a while now. VIPER takes volumetrics out of the antialiasing process completely. :D