View Full Version : Vue 5 Infinite compositing

04-28-2007, 09:51 AM
I'm trying to render compositing tests with LW9 and Vue 5i. My problem is the scale of the vue terrain in LW. Vue doesn't show any scale information that i can see, so I don't know how big my terrains are supposed to be.

I tested a comp with a 1m cube by exporting an entire scene (with ground plane), but the terrain only appeared to be about 10m square.

linking the entire scene to a master null, then scaling by 2 (dug up from the old vue forums) gives me a visual match between the cameras in vue and LW, but the scene itself seems physically very small.

I noticed later that exporting the object, rather than the scene, produced a model in LW of about 200m square.

After lots of digging around in forums I can't see anyone else with this issue, so have I missed something really obvious?

I'd love some help with this!