View Full Version : NAB wrap up

04-24-2007, 09:50 PM
The newtek party was nice but Lightwave was not the big focus. Great chatting with the developers too. 9.2 is only just the beginning to where this trunk of programming is going. (thats all I'm saying).

New apple codecs ProRes422 is simply amazing. HD pristine wavelet codec as small as SD. Support coming from AJA (hardware), Sony, Canon and Panasonic. Apple also alluded to an alpha channel in the carrier soon!!!! This means one codec can follow our projects from acquisition to capture to compositing. No special drives needed either. If any of you have worked in DVCPROHD for your HD work you will fall in love with this workflow.

2k and 4k workflows are coming sooner than I guessed. Processing power is going to be more important than ever. HD is here full steam so get ready if you aren't working in it yet.

Final Cut Suite 2 is amazing. Apple through in "Color", what once was a hundred thousand dollar color correction program called Final Touch, into the suite for FREE. Motion 3 is so overhauled that it can do some serious 3D spacial moves.

NAB was great -again.