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04-22-2007, 05:30 PM
I've been working with a model of an arthropod that has many weightmaps, where the setup is such that there is one map for each bone. At first I had many problems with regions of influence of each map, where some joints on the creature seemed to have a couple bones competing for influence over the same part of it. My troubleshooting method was to break things down by turning off certain bones and watching to see what there influence on the troublesome joint might be. David Ikeda's Weight Manager was a big help. One thing that I did was break off an entire limb form the model and completely delete maps whose vertices were not part of the limb. My strategy was to get each limb working one by one on each side, and then make a mirrored copy delete all of the copy's maps and then mirror the maps with Mirror Weight and a change to the mirrored map's prefix. It did work, but there were always one or two maps that no matter what I did, there were somehow overlapping areas of influence. My solution was to add 'holding bones' which seem to work. Right now my problem is solved with the holding bones, but it still isn't clear why these areas are such trouble.

I know some folks here aren't the biggest fans of weightmaps (SplineGod), but if I can get them to work on 1/2 of a model why would they fail on the other half?

Please share your thoughts, etc. Thanks!

04-22-2007, 05:36 PM
The first image is correct (using some holding bones)

The second is not using holding bones and only one map per bone.

04-22-2007, 05:48 PM
dunno if you checked but weights can only add up to 100 (select offending point and hit 'i' and see what the weights are.
I routinly overlap maps but they add to 100 (ie 25% from 1 bone and 75% from the next. When 3 bones overlap (particularly in a shoulder area I set values to how much I want each bone to influence 60 30 and 10).
Also if a bone is LESS than 100, then a bone not using any weights will influence it (the percent that is not 100) so if you have any bones in chain that only hold a place in chain then I usually turn it off. Typically for me it would be like a wrist or shoulder rotator bone.