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04-22-2007, 05:46 AM
G'Day mate
i did this animation for a Publicity of a Person who is a "Nameologist".
This is done for a for a Local TV channel.
below is the link to the movie
i have compressed this movie using mpeg-4 in quicktime format

all comments welcomed
and any ideas to improve it

04-22-2007, 06:50 AM
not bad :) but in the movie money should fall out more randomly :)

04-22-2007, 04:08 PM
Some sound should be really nice!

What I now really wanna know is: What on earth is a Nameologist?
Can I become a Lightwaveologist? :)

04-22-2007, 10:10 PM
a Nameologist is one that uses the values of the letters in your name (a=1, b=2 and so on) to prove some important religious or spiritual meaning.

So if you can use Lightwave to proves something religious or spiritual I bet you could.

The model I'm currently working on now had 22,000 polygons and 65 non-planer polygons. What can you tell me about myself?