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04-22-2007, 04:23 AM
...regarding this instruction from the open beta installation instructions:

For Macintosh

1) Locate the folder where you copied the LightWave v9.2 Open Beta software.
2) Open the Programs Folder
3) Create a new folder named Configs
4) Find the Lightwave cmdline, hold control and click
5) In the cmdline type –c
6) After the –c type the exact path of where you created the Configs folder
7) It should look something like this:

-c"Macintosh HD:Applications:NewTek:LightWave 3D 9:Programs:configs”

8) Repeat this for the Modeler cmdline

On step 4, when i cntrl click the "Lightwave cmdline", the Mac os responds with the typical menu pop up that it does when you control click on any icon, i.e. open, open with, etc. So I'm not sure how you get to a cmdline. If i double click instead of cntrl click THEN I get a Lightwave cmdline. Also, why in the example that you give, the directories are divided by a colon and not a backslash. thanks in advance...

04-22-2007, 04:57 AM
It should read;
5) Open with TextEdit and in the cmdline file type -c

BTW this sort of query should be kept in the beta forums IMO.