View Full Version : Anyone need editing controllers?? Hardware trade??

04-09-2007, 03:24 PM
Hi Everyone

I just won an Amiga 4000 Toaster system on Ebay that came with a lot of stuff. Included were 2 editing controllers that I don't really need. If anyone has any need of these for their Toaster systems, I could probably arrange to have them shipped to you instead of me. I would need to be payed for the shipping cost, of course, and paypal is the only option for this. I would also like some extra $ for doing this but far less then their selling price on Ebay. I would also consider trading hardware. On my want list are: A Y/C plus card, a dps V-scope card, any kind of scan doubler, flicker fixer, internal or external and especially cables for the Flyer, both the internal Toaster to Flyer cable in either the Toaster 2000 or 4000 versions and the Octopus cable. There is a lot of other Amiga and Toaster related hardware I would consider as well including custom chips and other spare parts. I am only willing to do this within the US and possibly Canada. I am going to work out the shipping with the seller tonight or tomorrow so respond ASAP if you're interested.

The controllers are supposed to come with manuals. One is Abner and the other is JVC. This is their picture:


You can contact me either through this forum--PM or respond to this thread--or through Ebay. My Ebay identity is DavidDBaca