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06-23-2003, 07:21 AM
Hi Newtek team.

When I moved from 7.0b to 7.5 I noticed a strange bug with IK.
I use a P4 with W2k and NVidia GForce4 on 7.0b and 7.5, 7.5b and 7.5c.
When you disable IK ("Enable IK" buton is off) on a full time IK chain with rotations keys inside, it dosen't read rotations keys. The chain is stuk in a stange position and don't move.
In 7.0b this bug doesn't occurs. I was able to switch from IK to FK just by unchecking the "enable IK" button.
Is it possible to correct this bug when you disable IK?
If I want to avoid this issue, I have to uncheck "Full Time Ik in each end IK chain, and it's far more tedious because there isn't any global function to enable/disable "Full Time IK" for all chains at once without selecting end items of each chain individualy.
This poroblem doesn't appear at frame 0.
Actualy I'm back to 7.0b for character animation...

The Layout rotation solving engine has some problems... and for a long time ago...
Those problems make IK chains tedious and most of the time useless on high rotations range (the gimballock issue).
You have to add "extra buffers" bones or nulls to shear rotations and avoid the chain to block and jump. But it doesn't really solve problems.
It's just a trick and it cost you lower speed, shaky IK while moving and too much items to take care while animating.

An other thing is that "Heading Limits" and "Bank Limits" are useless if you rotate about 90 degrees and more your items (gimballock again...).
You can't limit rotations of your items correctly and accurately.
I noticed others bug with Constraints and Parenter plugs. They didn't work well when You use items with recorded pivots rotations...
When you bake an item which rotate more than 180 degrees and which is constrained with an "oriant constraint", baked rotations don't go over 180 and jump to -180 (look like quaternians) in one frame so you can't reduce keys and use this baked animation for real time applications...

I will go on with an other issue. When you are using "Local" or "World" "Coordinate System" on an item already rotated from (-)90 to (-)180 degrees (+/- 360) on pich, rotations coordinates are "popping" to non acceptable coordinates!
I asked Takahiko Date, the author of "Bevel++" plugin to develop a kind of "Euler Filter" to compensate for this issue. Have a look to it please (http://www.dtium.com/software/).
I think you can avoid this by enhancing your rotation solving engine. Then IK and FK will work much better.

Then, here are four little things you can do to create a very simple IK/FK blending. Evry things are already inside LightWave.

*1-Make "non full time IK" chains works when goals are parented to others items and you are moving those items.

*2-On IK chains, when "full time IK" is OFF, add an option to allow goals to stay (or snap) at the end of the chain while animating in FK.

*3-When "auto key create" is ON (and "full time IK" is ON or OFF), add an option to allow the auto creation of rotation keys on all bones in current IK chain while animating in IK.

*4-Add en "envelop" button to "full time IK". Just a slider for each Ik chain and you go!

Animation in Lightwave will be much more easyer, faster and simple.

You will not have to create "multi-complicated-duplicated-chains" and heavy expressions to have a fake IK/FK blend.
Layout is not very fast and expressions with IK are too weak so it will help so much.

I have problems with surface baker too. I can't bake an object with many surfaces. When I try to bake, on one UV texture (or more), an object with many surfaces, it doesn't calculate (or doesn't calculate all UV textures).
It wasn't working on 7.0b also. It seems that there is a number limit of UV textures.
When I try to bake on a vectex color map, the vertex color is wrong (on 7.5b with W2k, ATI8500 or NVidiaGForce4-4600 and AMD or Pentium processor), there are only few random black spots on the vertex color.
This vertex color issue occurs when I upgrade from 7.5 to 7.5b and 7.5c. It was working great with the same computer on 7.0b.

I notice something annoying in the LightWave 7.5 (7.5b and 7.5c also) "Scene Editor". If there is more than 40 items (max number on the previous "Scene Editor") displayed on this window, you can't change items flags (visibility, lock...) of items above those 40 (items on the top of the array).
If I try to use the right part of the "Scene Editor" (where there are keys of items) then LightWave Layout Crash!

The new "spline Control" tool is not realy integrated in LightWave ergonomics. There are no "handles"!!! You can't move more than one "Control Points" at once!!!
And above all you can't move "Control Points" like other items in LightWave and it is not accurate at all!!!
For moving those "Control Points" you will have to do the same handling as for any item in LightWave:

*Select one item only with middle mouse button (and shift key for more items at once).
*Left mouse button and +/- X mouse moving for +/- X item moving ( or +/- Heading rotation...).
*Left mouse button and +/- Z mouse moving for +/- Z item moving ( or +/- Pitch rotation...).
*Right mouse button and +/- Z mouse moving for +/- Y item moving ( or +/- Bank rotation...).

This plugin is not integrated in the LightWave Layout it works completely different!!! All have to go in the same way. Ergonomics are very important!

I really like the way of selecting, moving and rotating items in LightWave Layout and it's so great to be able to choose IK or FK per channel so improve you rotation solving engine please!!!!

That's not all but those ergonomics requests are crucial to start on good basis.
It will be a must if you add an option to allow heterogeneous items selection (bones,objects, lights and cameras at once)and allow to edit multiples numeric parameters of items at once for evry thing in layout (like in"Surface Editor").
It will be very interesting if goals can be cameras, lights or bones (and objects as well). It will reduce the number of items in a hierarchy, no need to add tons of buffers nulls.

By the way an IK spline will be great with animated splines controlers (even with dynamics) and animated position/Rotation/Scale of IK chain along splines.

I hope you will have a look to my requests and It will help "LightWave Layout" to become more frendly and usefull.

06-23-2003, 09:05 AM
I think your right on the money on just about everything you said. a simple value to blend between different rotation systems would be nice. I really think it's time for a spline system in layout. And a deformation system that doesn't have to be just bones. I'd put sock monkey and spline control in the same boat. A sinking ship full of useful but extremely counterproductive tools. It's time to straiten all this mess up.