View Full Version : Sharing some speedmodelling (free spaceship)

04-08-2007, 04:18 AM
Having had a bit of a natter with another Honor Harrington fan on here, I thought I'd share a bit of speedmodelling with the community. I gave myself an hour to do this, and it was a good three or four years ago so please don't expect incredible feats of modelling, and I freely admit that I got some nurnie inspiration from a practical model someone did of this ship on the Starship Modeller website.

However, it's only a meg and change, and it came out okay for sixty minutes of manic mousework.

GNS Honor Harrington (http://www.imaginetix.co.uk/miscellany/Harrington.zip) (or a loose approximation thereof). Mainly of interest of other David Weber readers, I imagine, but what the heck.

Enjoy :)