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06-23-2003, 05:17 AM
Hey guys, I have a little problem..

For some reason I can not load video files as a background when compositing in LightWave 7. I did it a few months ago, and it worked, but now it's not working.

When I browse for a file, it will not list video files (.avi in particular), so I have to go to 'show all files'. Then when I do that, and select an AVI, it won't load it. It just goes back to saying 'no picture'.

I'm not sure if this is a bug or not? Is there some other option I needed to click first? It's probably something obvious but I still can't figure it out!



06-23-2003, 05:34 AM
The .avi extension not recognized is a pref thing : open your LW3.CFG in notepad and look for the line that says (or not)

FileType Animations *.avi;*.mov

add / remove any extension you want in here.

Now for the anim not showing up, check you still have AVI.p and QTTools.p loaded.

Phil, HTH

06-23-2003, 07:39 AM
That line was actually already in my LW3.CFG file, and I tried to load the plugins too, to no avail :(

I think I'll just try again tomorrow on a different computer if I can't figure it out... Thanks :)