View Full Version : IDE used?

04-01-2007, 03:31 PM
What IDE do most of you use?
I have an older copy of Code Warrior that I purchased back when I was taking C++ classes. I was thinking of using that.

04-13-2007, 01:41 AM
I just downloaded and installed a copy of MS Visual Studio C++ Express last night. It's free and works great as far as I can tell. Give it a whirl.

04-13-2007, 01:51 AM
Thanks for taking the time.

Mr Big
04-22-2007, 04:20 PM
code warrior & visual c++ 6.0 for me

04-22-2007, 05:26 PM
Initially MSVC 6, now MSVC 2005 (initially Express which is fine and dandy for 32bit windows plugisn and can be hacked to compile 64bit plugins as well). On the Mac CW11 (which you can't get anymore) and XCode2.

A few people are using Bloodshed Dev-C++ as well.


04-22-2007, 11:01 PM
A few people are using Bloodshed Dev-C++ as well.

Quoted for agreement, because I'm using it :D